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We are grateful for all the gifts of Creation and the Universe in this opportunity to share with our global community. This is an invitation to explore a bit of our world through music, medicines, traditional wisdom and ceremonies. Our labor is our love and it’s what we most long to do with our short time on this earth. Enjoy our creations and perhaps you’ll join us one day for an intensive retreat or an online class. Aho~


Ceremonies & Classes

Our healing retreats and ceremonies have been a source of inspiration, self-inquiry, and renewal for many in the Americas and around the world. Drawing upon the traditions and tools of Indigenous Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the USA we weave our own knowledge and experience into each event along with this ancestral wisdom. Supported and often accompanied by elders of these traditions, we seek to bring a new perspective and modern practice to timeless teachings.


Medicines & More

& More

Inspired directly by the plants to continue the healing journey both in and out of ceremony, our medicines are crafted with the purest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Instilled with the same love that you feel through the music and prayers, our herbal products are not only aesthetically and aromatically pleasing, they are designed for deep spiritual healing as well. A full line of floral sprays, natural perfumes and creams, cleansing kits in addition to some of our retreat gear and literature.


Shasta Retreat Center

After losing everything in the 2020 California wildfires, we have reestablished ourselves on a most exquisite piece of earth at the base of Mt Shasta in Northern California. We host our live events and retreats here throughout the year, with options for cozy indoor accommodations as well as endless camping on 40 acres in summer weather. Wide open sky, stars, and mountain views from just about every angle of the property only get better with several ponds and an abundant supply of crystal clear Shasta Water for drinking. Come visit!

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