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The online course is perfect for those who can't come see us in person. This will be a supported virtual training with live Zoom meetings every two weeks or more with homework in between, and a private communication thread for sharing assignments, questions, and teachings. Recordings of our calls will be sent to the group to review and for those not able to make every call. Song practices, journaling, experiential assignments, and more are to be completed between sessions. We will be joined by the Advanced students for our class calls and both Online & Adanced options include dedicated segments focused on Sacred Songs, Tonalamatl (Aztec Astrology) & the 4 Altars work as presented by Alonso del Rio.


For those interested in the advanced version of this course, join us for the full in-person experience! You will get all the benefits of joining the regular online meetings with the rest of the group, plus 5 day retreats for the opening and closing of our 9 month course. In addition, you will have access to any of our other live events during that 9 month period, including ongoing plant ceremonies, temazcales (sweatlodges), and other in person retreats and events during that entire window of time. This course will have a small group of like-minded spiritual souls who form a healing community. Students will work together to support each other and complete assignments.

Certificate of Completion

La Ventana Church will be issuing a certificate of completion in Ancestral Healing Arts and curanderismo after all the hours, assignments and trainings have been completed satisfactorily. This acknowledgment is only for the tools and practices discussed and shared in this course. Facilitation of traditional ceremonies, sweat lodges, and such rituals each have their own unique training, initiations, and requirements according to each tradition and cannot be promised to anyone by La Ventana Church at this time as they require years of commitment and specific blessings from each lineage. You will however come away with the tools and access to pursue these paths further should you choose to do so.

If you are interested in enrolling in the upcoming Ancestral Healing Arts and Curanderismo course, please follow the link below to make your reservation. You will have the option to sign up for Advanced or Online only. Exact course beginning and ending dates will be specified on the next page. Course deposit / payment is required to confirm course enrollment.

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