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Susana Xochitlquetzalli is a Colombian born medicine woman, curandera, spiritual teacher and healer who shares her unique knowledge of creation.


Susana (Xochitlquetzalli) is a Colombian-born Medicine Woman and a spiritual teacher. Primarily of Indigenous Colombian blood, her lineage includes the Mestizo Amazonian, the Mexhica traditions of Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of her native Colombia. Susana shares her awareness of the gifts of Creation, bringing practice and experience from Indigenous traditions of North, Central, and South America. Xochitlquetzalli is the leader of the ChicuauhtliMetztli Moondance of California, a Pipe Carrier from the Ollinthlahuimetztli Moondance of Teotihuacan, Mexico. She carries the medicine of the Temazcal (sweatlodge) and the Tonalama from this tradition. Susana is dedicated to reconnecting women with the medicine of the Moon, healing their wombs while they reclaim their sacred feminine, their inner wisdom, fertility, and power.

Shimshai is a spiritual and sacred music composer and performer with many recorded albums and performances all around the world.


Shimshai is a sacred music singer/songwriter, producer, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist musician, and spiritual teacher. Shimshai's music invokes the sentiment of ancestral devotion and dedication to higher consciousness. A self-proclaimed seeker of truth, described by many as possessing the voice of an angel, Shimshai is gifted with the innate ability to deliver his message flawlessly in several languages, most profoundly the universal language of Love and Oneness. Shimshai has traveled the world sharing his music to like minded souls in many languages for the past 20 years. Shimshai has released 7 albums on his own ranging from sacred world fusion to reggae and regularly travels the world sharing his music. Learn more on Shimshai.com.


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